We are the manufacturer, exporter and distributor of “SATOYA” tires for overseas markets which is currently an established brand. Our company firmly abides by the philosophy of “YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN EVERY MILE…”and we do utmost to satisfy our Customers  through quality products sales and competitive prices offers in conjunction with timely deliveries and good services rendered.

“TTC TYRE GROUP COMPANY LIMITED“ offers a wide range of “SATOYA” tires. We are recognized as one of successful export sales companies operating for overseas markets. An integral part of our business works on such notions as: “AFFORDABLE, SAFE, DURABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FREE”.


The focus has always been given to these factors in every our Endeavour. Our Company’s philosophy and attitude towards our valuable Customers are based on our team’s vast expertise and experience of Design & Production engineering by our factories that empowers us to respond rapidly to the market demand and specific needs of our Customers.

A team of young and dynamic professionals is dedicated to understand and design the quality products at “TTC TYRE GROUP COMPANY LIMITED“ to suit our Customers specific needs. We keep ourselves abreast with modern technologies to offer our Customers the best quality and consistency in our tires supplies. Our enhanced technologies have the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate of Approval in design and development of the tires and TS 16949 Certification. Adoption of Improvement tools and techniques made us one of the most reliable, dependable and trustworthy suppliers in tires industry.


“TTC TYRE GROUP COMPANY LIMITED“ was incorporated on December 31, 2007. Since the date of incorporation we are in tires and wheels production and sales business. We are working hard to develop our brand – “SATOYA” to be well-known in many countries. Our specialists closely follow the trends of modern design and production engineering of tires, especially in TBR tires and wheels.

“TTC TYRE GROUP COMPANY LIMITED“ is one of the subsidiaries of the Holding Company with the Headquarters in Russia from where we have started “SATOYA” brand development since 2005. The brand is rapidly becoming popular in Europe, Russia, CIS countries, China, Central and South-East Asia, Middle East as well as in China and the USA.

Our corporate values:

  • Focus on Customers;
  • Professionalism and high sense of responsibility;
  • Faith and loyalty;
  • Team Work;
  • Stringent working schedule, organization
         and time efficient management;
  • Rationality and cost efficiency;
  • Transparancy and high social responsibility;
  • Deepening of knowledge and seeking for new opportunities;
  • Innovation, dynamics and constant strive to improvement.