Axle type:  Driving Model sizes:
  • All season truck tire.
  • Designed for use on driven axles of trailer.
  • All-steel frame (SSC) provides reduced heat generation within the structure of the tire, which increases its reliability and durability. 
  • Due to the special composition of the rubber mixture and structure of the tire a low level of resistance to the swing is achieved that reduces fuel consumption and increases mileage.
  • Wide tread pattern with four grooves prevents uneven wear. Symmetrical pattern maintains high traction when driving in any direction and convenient for easy relocation. Increased tread blocks help to improve agility in all road conditions. It has a high resistance to damage and ensures high mileage and long service life.
  • Recommended transportation: regional and mainline (highway).
  • Suitable for use in winter (M+S), has good grip and traction.